5 Realty Hotspots In Gurugram With Promising Investment Potential

5 Realty Hotspots In Gurugram With Promising Investment Potential

The evolving real estate landscape in Gurugram presents investors with exciting opportunities across various sectors. In this article, we delve into five hotspots that offer promising investment potential, considering their proximity to key amenities, upcoming developments, and market trends.

1. Sectors 102 to 114: The Gateway to Delhi

Proximity: Nestled near the Delhi border, sectors 102 to 114 boast easy access to the national capital. Connectivity: The Dwarka Expressway, running parallel to NH 48, enhances connectivity, with an anticipated opening in Gurugram Package 3 and Package 4.

Price Projection: Residential areas are currently priced between Rs 18000/- and Rs 20000/- per sq ft, expected to witness a 15% rise in 2024.

Upcoming Developments: Talking about the upcoming developments, Sunil Choudhary, Founder, Kashish Group, says, “Residential and commercial areas will benefit from easy connectivity from west and south Delhi. Yashobhoomi and the upcoming DDA IT Park in sectors 26, 27, and 28 will provide employment opportunities for this area.”

2. Sectors 82 to 90: Industrial Hub Integration

Proximity to Manesar: These sectors strategically align with the Manesar industrial area.

Commercial Growth: “Upcoming commercial sectors (74A and 75A) are poised to attract multinational companies, creating job opportunities and bolstering residential demand,” informs Pradeep Mishra, Founder, Homents Pvt Ltd.

Habitation and Infrastructure: Habitation stands at 60%, with 40% social infrastructure developed.

Price Trends: Prices currently range between Rs 10000 and Rs 12000/- per sq ft, expected to rise to Rs 15000 to Rs 18000/- per sq ft.

3. Sectors 74 to 80: Green Living and Job Opportunities

Green Spaces: Leopard Trail and golf courses provide residents with access to expansive green areas.

Connectivity: Proximity to the Manesar industrial area and NH 48 enhances accessibility to Delhi.

Commercial Development: Sectors 74A and 75A will contribute to job opportunities, thereby driving residential demand.

Price Outlook: Prevailing rates range from Rs 12000/- to Rs 18000/- per sq ft, with an expected annual return of 15-18% in 2024.

4. Sector 66: Luxury Living and Connectivity

Habitation: Approximately 65 to 70% habitation.

Connectivity: Strategically located with proximity to Gurgaon-Sohna Highway, well-connected through Golf Course Extension Road.

Recreational Options: Tau Devi Lal Biodiversity Park, Kingdom of Dreams, and esteemed educational institutions.

Market Dynamics: “Developers are introducing super luxury apartments to meet growing demand, with a strong focus on rental opportunities,” says Mishra.

Price Outlook: Prevailing rates range from Rs 16000/- to Rs 17000/- per sq ft, with an expected annual return of 12- 15% in 2024.

5. CPR Road: Future Growth on Central Peripheral Road

Connectivity: Well-connected through Dwarka Expressway and NH 48.

Upcoming Development: A global city development by HSIDC in progress, with sectors 36A and global city expected to witness significant benefits.

Price Projection: Current prices stand at Rs 18000 to Rs 20000/- per sq ft, with an anticipated increase of 10 to 15%.

Employment Opportunities: Connectivity to commercial hubs provides job opportunities and stimulates residential development.

Manish Jain, MD, Santur Group, highlights the crucial need for proposed metro connectivity in Sector 113, stating, “Proposed metro connectivity is much needed for this area. It will not only provide public transport but also ensure easy access between Delhi and Gurugram’s commercial epicenter.”

In conclusion, with proactive developments, enhanced connectivity, and a mix of residential and commercial offerings, these five hotspots present compelling investment opportunities in Gurugram. “Investors should, however, carefully consider the unique features of each area and align their investment strategies with the projected growth and development in the region,” suggests Mishra.

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