Gurugram-Pataudi-Rewari Highway to Propel Realty Growth in Gurugram, Manesar

Gurugram-Pataudi-Rewari Highway to Propel Realty Growth in Gurugram, Manesar

Gurugram-Pataudi-Rewari National Highway is set to propel real estate growth as some areas such as Manesar are likely to get fresh interest of buyers and investors in commercial and residential properties.

Highways and expressways have always been the story behind the real estate sector’s growth. We have seen how the ease of connectivity has transformed the regions in and around Delhi. Over the years, there has been buzz around NH 24, Dwarka Expressway etc. The people and real estate developers have reacted to the opportunities constructively. The latest entrant to the real estate scene is the 46-km-long Gurugram-Pataudi-Rewari Highway in Haryana.

Connecting Hero Honda chowk in Gurgaon with Rewari via Pataudi, this highway is poised to revolutionize connectivity between major hubs, transforming the landscape of the region and unlocking vast potential for real estate growth. It is a natural extension of the development taking place from Gurugram, which is expanding in all directions accommodating increased demand of real estate projects, both residential and commercial.

The development or interest in the regions connected to this highway is not new, but the upcoming highway is going to provide the much-needed boost to the areas leading up to Rewari, which was carved out of Gurugram in 1989. The connection of Rewari to Gurugram has never broken. In fact, a lot of workforces in Gurugram and Manesar come from Rewari. The immediate impact of the upcoming Gurugram-Pataudi-Rewari Highway will be reflected first in the real estate market of Manesar, which is at a comfortable distance of just around 40 km from Rewari.

The Manesar story that started with IT Manesar, and real estate boom in Gurugram is going to get another shot to fame with this upcoming highway. By seamlessly linking Gurugram, Pataudi, and Rewari, it will drastically reduce travel time between these key areas. Improved connectivity translates to increased accessibility, making these locations more attractive for residential, commercial, and industrial development.

Another industrial hub that will benefit and witness increased activity is Bhiwadi. The corridor offers an ideal setting for industrial and warehousing developments. This proximity to economic centers is expected to drive demand for industrial real estate, including manufacturing facilities, logistics centers, and warehousing spaces.

The ripple effect of improved connectivity on the real estate sector cannot be overstated. As accessibility improves, the demand for properties in surrounding areas is expected to soar. Real estate projects along the highway corridor are likely to witness a surge in demand as commuting becomes more convenient for professionals working in Gurugram and other nearby cities. Moreover, the ease of transportation will also make these locations appealing for commercial ventures, leading to the development of shopping complexes, office spaces, and other commercial establishments.

“I believe the completion of the Gurugram-Pataudi-Rewari highway is a pathway to prosperity. This infrastructure marvel will not only facilitate smoother connectivity but also serve as a catalyst for economic growth, particularly in the real estate sector around IT Manesar. With enhanced accessibility, we anticipate a surge in demand for residential and commercial properties in the vicinity, thus driving investment opportunities and fostering development in the region,” said Varun Bussi, Head-Sales and Marketing, Worldwide Realty.

The construction of the Gurugram-Pataudi-Rewari Highway is not just about the road itself but also about the infrastructure developments it catalyzes. “Alongside the highway, ancillary infrastructure projects such as flyovers, underpasses, and service roads are being developed, further enhancing accessibility, and improving the overall appeal of the region for real estate investment. With increased demand and improved infrastructure, property prices along the Gurugram-Pataudi-Rewari Highway corridor are likely to move up – the intensity of that movement is to be seen, but appreciation and lucrative returns are a sure shot thing. Additionally, improvement in road infrastructure increases the demand for luxury offerings, and with GPR we will witness a noticeable requirement for such properties including Gurugram’s newer real estate destinations such as Sector 37C,” said Ravi Saund, Founding Director, Emperium Private Limited.

As of now, all eyes are on the transformative impact it will have on the real estate landscape, ushering in a new era of growth and prosperity for the region.

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