High Rise Apartment Vs Low-rise Apartments: Which One Do You Prefer?

High Rise Apartment Vs Low-rise Apartments Which One Do You Prefer

One thing is common between metro cities is tall sky touching buildings. Whether you’re living in Gurgaon Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, or any other city, you must have seen buildings of all shapes and sizes. Height is one of the crucial factors among other variables like amenities, layout, location etc. that people consider while buying their dream home. Some prefer to live in societies with sky touching buildings while others consider low rise buildings better for living. If you’re also perplexed about choosing between high rise and low rise apartment, this article will help you decide better.

1. Understanding Meaning of the High Rise Apartment Building

Any building that is greater than 75 feet or 23 m in height, where the measurement takes place from the lowest level to the highest floor of the building. It is roughly equivalent to an 8 story building. This definition is according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Today, you’ll find many high rise buildings of 20, 30, 40, or even 100 stories high! In this article, we will consider 8 stories metric as a high rise apartment building. Anything that falls under 8 stories will be considered as a low rise.

2. High-Rise & Low-Rise Apartments: Differences

Since you’ve already identified the difference between high rise and low rise apartment from its definition, we will go into the details between two on the basis of certain categories. Here are the categories:

  • Logistics
  • Views & Scenery
  • Safety and Security
  • Amenities

 Let’s get into the details of each in the follow sections!

3. High-Rise Vs Low-Rise Apartment: Outside View & Scenery

People tend to associate high rise apartments with great views and greenery. But the outside view largely depends on the surroundings of the building. For instance, someone living on the sixth floor of a seven story building could see park to the east direction, and to the north, he can just see at neighbours building which is just across the street. Similarly, you may have a view of your neighbour’s window which is 50 feet away from the 25th floor of a Manhattan high rise. The view you get to see from the building depends on your location. It’s quite certain that the higher you live, the further the distance away your serene view will be. In terms of range and distance, the view from 20th floor will be broader than the 7th floor.  If you like long distant views, you should go for a high rise apartment. You can find great views in both though!

4. High-Rise Vs Low-Rise: Logistics Part

It is quite obvious that the daily logistics in a low or medium rise building is easier to deal with. It is technically easier to climb stairs up and down on a low rise floor than in a high rise floor. However, stairs are useful if you are not carrying anything. Stairs are a lot difficult to deal with than elevators when you are doing grocery shopping or carrying anything heavy. You will still find many low rise apartments without elevators that are older.

5. High-Rise Vs Low-Rise: Amenities Offered

Amenities play a major role in deciding which project you should choose. Today, there’s a tough competition among developers in offering amenities to the buyers. Each developer is trying to compete and let down other by offering highest possible benefits to the buyers. The more they offer the better sales results they see. High rise apartments host more people so they need more money to allocate towards maintaining those amenities. In high rise societies, you will find top class amenities like gym, swimming pool, multipurpose hall, clubhouse, patios pools, rooftop decks and gardens, laundry, kids play area, jogging and yoga studio etc, to name a few. But keep in mind, luxurious residential projects have higher maintenance cost. Apart from having dedicated car parking, and round the clock security, high rise apartments offer every luxurious facility that you can ever think about. In case of low rise apartments, especially the older ones, you get the basis faculties only.

6. High-Rise Vs Low-Rise Apartment: Safety & Security

A safe and secured premise is one of the topmost factors to consider while buying a home. As far as safety and security of your loved ones is concerned than both the high rise and low rise apartments provide great safety and security to the residents. It’s prime benefit of living in a gated secured society. Here are some of the advantages of living in a gated society.

  • Safety from burglars, theft and crime.
  • Security to the residents and the building itself.
  • Safety from the natural disasters or emergency conditions – weather, fires, etc.

In Conclusion

In the end, we can only say that it’s up to you to decide which one is the better option to buy your dream home. Whether you plan to live in a high rise or a low rise apartment, your home should provide inner peace, comfort, and safety to you. Take a deep breath and leave everything on your family’s preferences. Ultimately, your family’s happiness should matter to you the most!

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