Luxury Housing Demand Surges in Delhi-NCR, Driven by Eco-friendly Trends and New Developments

Luxury Housing Demand Surges in Delhi-NCR, Driven by Eco-friendly Trends and New Developments

The luxury housing market in Delhi-NCR is experiencing a surge in demand, fueled by factors including heightened interest from Millennials and Gen Z, a growing emphasis on eco-friendly living, and promising new real estate developments in areas like Gurugram.

According to a recent study, the National Capital Region (NCR) saw an uptick in luxury home sales, with Gurugram emerging as a hotspot.

The region recorded significant luxury home sales, accounting for a notable portion of total residential sales in Q1 2024.

One driving force behind this surge is the increasing demand for eco-friendly residences, explained Vikas Garg, joint managing director, Ganga Realty’s. He said, “Modern homebuyers are seeking properties equipped with sustainable features and technologies such as geothermal systems, HVAC systems, and eco-friendly construction materials. These buyers are drawn to the benefits of green living, including lower energy consumption, reduced carbon footprints, and a healthier living environment.”

“Moreover, the development of key infrastructure projects like the Dwarka Expressway has transformed areas like New Gurugram into promising real estate hubs. With the Gurugram section of the expressway operational, areas like Sector 84 and 85 have become attractive investment destinations, especially with their proximity to the IGI Airport and improved connectivity,” he added.

Commenting on the trend, Vikas Garg spoke about upcoming project of Ganga Realty, Nandaka 84 in Sector 84, Gurugram. It features amenities such as Miyawaki Gardens, air-purifying flora, and EV charging stations, Nandaka 84 aims to provide residents with a sanctuary of nature amidst urban living.

Furthermore, the rise of Millennials and Gen Z as key players in the luxury real estate market cannot be overlooked. These generations view luxury properties not only as investments but also as a reflection of their values and lifestyles.

Source : TOI

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