MVN Aero One Mall leases 3 lakh sq ft Space to Spring House Co-Working in Gurugram

MVN Aero One Mall leases 3 lakh sq ft Space to Spring House Co-Working in Gurugram

MVN Aero One has leased the largest co-working space to date to Spring House, spanning 3 lakh sq ft, at its upcoming MVN Aero One Mall located at Sector-37 D, Dwarka Expressway, Gurugram. This partnership ushers in a transformative era of work and lifestyle integration, setting a new benchmark in the commercial real estate sector in India, the company said on Tuesday.

MVN Aero One Mall redefines the shopping experience with its avant-garde design and prime location along the 16-lane elevated Dwarka Expressway. This strategic positioning ensures seamless connectivity between the Indira Gandhi International Airport and New Gurgaon, enhancing accessibility for residents and travellers alike.

The MVN Aero One Mall integrates ultra-premium co-working spaces within a vibrant retail environment, catering to modern professionals seeking a dynamic work-life balance. As part of a Transit Oriented Development, it boasts future-ready infrastructure, including a metro station and bicycle lanes, inspired by city like Singapore. With its central location and proximity to NCR’s major landmarks, MVN Aero One Mall emerges as Gurugram’s largest centrally air-conditioned shopping destination, poised to become the destination for those seeking luxury, convenience, and unprecedented growth opportunities in the heart of NCR.

“Today’s workforce seeks more than just a workspace; they desire an environment that inspires creativity, enhances productivity, and integrates seamlessly with lifestyle amenities. By integrating Spring House Co-Working with our luxury retail experience, we’re meeting this demand head-on, offering professionals a dynamic setting where work, leisure, and convenience converge harmoniously. This concept not only redefines the traditional office space but also sets a new standard for integrated, upscale commercial environments,” said Varun Sharma, Founder and Managing Director, MVN Aero One.

Co-working spaces are considered to be the hotbed for fostering innovation and design thinking. For young startup enthusiasts, these spaces provide a dynamic trifecta: co-working areas, demo centers, and event venues where technology and retail marketplaces intersect.

Professionals will be able to start their day with invigorating workouts at MVN Aero One’s sports complex, enjoy entertaining and fulfilling meals in various gourmet restaurants during lunch breaks, and take a quick retreat at the multiplex featuring the latest movies. After a productive workday, the Mall will offer opportunities for shopping, drinks, and dinners, all within the same complex. This seamless integration of health, work, and leisure activities will significantly reduce travel time, enhancing overall productivity and well-being.

MVN Aero One is also renowned for its luxury residential projects, the first one being in Bangalore, which aligns with the evolving needs of homebuyers seeking luxury and sophistication. Moving forward, they also plan to integrate luxury housing within the Aero One Mall, Gurugram, further enhancing its appeal as a comprehensive lifestyle destination.

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