Signature Global Expands in Gurugram With the Acquisition of Two Land Parcels

Signature Global Expands in Gurugram With the Acquisition of Two Land Parcels

Signature Global (India) Limited (SGIL) is strengthening its presence in Gurugram with two significant land acquisitions through its subsidiaries, Sternal Buildcon and Signatureglobal Homes. In Sector 37D, a plot of approximately 3.80625 acres will accommodate around 6 lakh square feet of residential space, capitalizing on the area’s growth potential. Additionally, a larger 14.65-acre plot in Gadauli Kalan offers potential for about 2.7 million square feet of development. These acquisitions highlight SGIL’s proactive strategy to meet rising housing demands, focusing on affordable and mid-range segments in Gurugram’s competitive real estate market.

Signature Global (India) Limited (SGIL), a developer known for its focus on affordable and mid-range housing, is expanding its presence in Gurugram with two significant land acquisitions. These purchases will allow them to offer more options to homebuyers in the city’s growing market.

Signature Global, through its subsidiaries, has made significant land acquisitions recently, aiming to expand its residential development footprint in strategic locations.

In Sector 37D, Gurugram, Signature Global’s subsidiary, Sternal Buildcon, acquired a plot of land spanning approximately 3.80625 acres. This acquisition presents an opportunity for the development of approximately 6 lakh square feet of residential space. Sector 37D is a promising area known for its growth potential and proximity to key infrastructure and amenities.

Additionally, in May 2024, Signatureglobal Homes, another subsidiary of Signature Global, acquired a larger plot of land in Gadauli Kalan, also located in Sector 37D. This plot measures approximately 14.65 acres and offers substantial potential for residential development, estimated at around 2.7 million square feet. The acquisition in Gadauli Kalan further enhances Signature Global’s position in the region, allowing for expansive and diversified residential offerings.

These strategic land acquisitions underscore Signature Global’s proactive approach to expanding its presence in high-demand residential markets. By securing prime plots in key locations like Sector 37D, Gurugram, the company aims to capitalize on growth opportunities and meet the evolving housing needs of the market. The developments on these newly acquired lands are expected to contribute significantly to Signature Global’s portfolio and strengthen its market position in the competitive real estate sector.

These two acquisitions total over 18.45 acres of land and represent a significant investment by Signature Global in Gurugram’s real estate market. The additional development space will allow the company to cater to the rising demand for affordable and mid-range housing in the city.

The specific details of the projects planned for these sites have not yet been announced. However, considering Signature Global’s focus on affordability, it is likely that these developments will offer a mix of apartments and villas targeted towards first-time homebuyers and middle-income families in the range of 3.8 acres to 14.65 acres, with potential development space between 6 lakh square feet and 2.7 million square feet.

Signature Global’s expansion plans are a positive sign for the Gurugram real estate market. The increased supply of housing options, particularly in the affordable and mid-range segments, is expected to benefit homebuyers looking for quality residences at competitive prices. This increase in housing supply could potentially help to stabilize housing prices in Gurugram.

Source : Prop News Time

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