Tender for Gurugram Global City project awarded, work to start in next 2 months

Tender for Gurugram Global City project awarded, work to start in next 2 months

The Haryana state industrial and infrastructure development corporation (HSIIDC), which is developing the Global City project in the city adjacent to the Dwarka Expressway, recently awarded the tender of ₹940 crore for building the road, electricity, water supply, and other infrastructure for phase one of the project, which will be developed over 570 acres, officials with knowledge of the development said on Sunday. According to HSIIDC officials, work on the project will begin within the next two to three months.

With the award of the tender for infrastructure works, the corporation has also called for the auction of four plots of land in Global City for mixed land use. The auction will take place in December of this year.

“Infrastructure for the first phase will be developed at a cost of ₹940 crore, with a completion date of October 2026. The contractor will build world-class infrastructure such as roads, an internal mass transit system, and a utility tunnel for common facilities to provide residents and visitors with a global experience,” said Yash Garg, managing director of HSIIDC.

Along with the tender award, HSIIDC has announced an auction of four large parcels of land (approximately 170 acres in total) for commercial and residential development in this 1,000-acre mixed-land-use city.

According to Garg’s information, the largest land parcel is approximately 86 acres and will have a minimum of 65% commercial use and a maximum of 35% residential use. The second land parcel is 23 acres in size and will be subject to the same restrictions. The third land parcel is 58 acres and will be used for 50% commercial and 50% residential purposes. The fourth site is a 4.84-acre institution school site.

“The auction will take place in December, and a pre-bid meeting with bidders will take place in Gurugram in October,” said Garg.

According to the contractor’s mandate, Garg said that the Global City will have roads of 60 metres width for traffic within the city, 45-metre-wide sub-arterial roads, and adequate space for primary and secondary roads and streets.

“A key feature of the Global City will be its own internal mass rapid transportation system, allowing the maximum number of people to use public transportation. An interchange station will connect this transit line to RRTS. Residents and visitors to this city will be able to walk to the transit stations in less than five minutes,” said Garg.

The Global City will have a common utility tunnel to accommodate utilities such as potable water, recycled water, electrical distribution, telecom/data, solid waste management, firefighting systems, and other related facilities, avoiding the problems caused by repeated road digging to lay utilities underground. “There will be no need to dig roads for facility expansion or maintenance,” said Garg.

The Global City is being built on over 1,000 acres of land in Gurugram’s Sectors 36, 36B, 37, and 37B. It will be a mixed-land use project with approximately 12 million square metres of built-up area along the Dwarka Expressway. It will include commercial towers, office towers, residential towers, retail spaces, hospitals, schools, a centre for innovation, start-ups, an incubation zone, hospitality and cultural zones, an exhibition and convention centre, green and open spaces, and water bodies, among other things.

Source : HT

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