The Dwarka Expressway is a Boon for the Gurugram Real Estate Market

The Dwarka Expressway is a Boon for the Gurugram Real Estate Market

Ashok Singh Jaunapuria, MD and CEO, SS Group shares his thoughts on how Dwarka Expressway is changing the landscape of Gurugram’s real estate market.

Gurugram is now a more desirable location to live and work because of the expressway, which provides a quicker and less crowded route between Delhi and Gurugram. This may result in higher demand in Gurugram for both commercial and residential real estate. Gurugram development opportunities are expanded by the expressway, especially along the route itself. This opens up new possibilities for developers and builders to build new commercial and residential projects. Property values along the Dwarka Expressway are anticipated to increase due to enhanced connectivity and access to new areas. For local homeowners and investors, this could be highly beneficial. Due to the improved living conditions and amenities it’s new residential projects offer, the expressway may draw in homebuyers from Delhi, especially from Dwarka. Gurugram is expected to see an increase in business demand for retail and commercial office space as a result of improved connectivity. The opening of the Dwarka Expressway’s 19-km section is a significant step forward for the area’s development.

Over the past ten years, a flurry of residential project launches has occurred in anticipation of the benefits of the expressway, as it has facilitated the connection of various sectors to Delhi, especially the 15 km stretch within Gurugram.

Property prices are anticipated to rise by 10% shortly as a result of the road’s opening, offering investors a compelling chance to make significant returns. Travel between Haryana and Delhi’s IGI Airport will be more convenient and quick because of the Dwarka expressway. There are numerous flyovers, tunnels, underpasses, and elevated structures. There won’t be as much traffic on the Delhi- Gurugram Expressway because this section is on a different route that connects Delhi and Gurugram

For those looking to live a luxurious and balanced lifestyle, the Dwarka Expressway has grown increasingly appealing. It is now certainly the best real estate location in the NCR thanks to its excellent infrastructure and state-of-the-art connectivity. A variety of social amenities and exciting retail developments surround the gated luxury condominiums making it a great luxury destination for millennial homebuyers. Along with having excellent infrastructure, Dwarka Expressway’s social infrastructure is advancing quickly. It is anticipated to be a prime investment destination shortly due to the steadily rising demand for residential real estate properties along the Dwarka Expressway. Its desirability is evident from the skyrocketing prices of residential properties in and around the area. The area surrounding the Dwarka Expressway has seen incredible infrastructure development in recent years. The Haryana government has proposed a number of infrastructure projects in the area, including the Northern Peripheral Road, the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway, and the planned metro rail link. Developers see great potential in this corridor because it promises robust economic growth and heralds a new era of prosperity, drawing interest from both domestic and foreign investors. This significant development is probably going to create new business opportunities and spur commercial activity in the area, which will be good for the real estate market.

The Dwarka Expressway will stimulate general growth in several industries, including commercial, industrial, and residential. Improved infrastructure will draw people and companies to the region, which will spur the growth of mixed-use developments and retail projects. This all-encompassing expansion will strengthen the area’s standing as a top location for development and investment. The Dwarka Expressway’s completion is expected to have a profound impact, especially on the National Capital Region (NCR), where Gurugram stands to gain a great deal.

Source : Construction Week Online

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