Trinity Infratech Enters Gurugram’s Thriving Real Estate Market Eyeing 3 Realty Development Projects for Fy 24-25

Trinity Infratech Enters Gurugram’s Thriving Real Estate Market Eyeing 3 Realty Development Projects for Fy 24-25

The imminent completion of the Dwarka Expressway in Gurugram is expected to boost the real estate market by enhancing connectivity and creating new development opportunities along its route.

Gurugram, known as India’s Millennium City and a hotspot for real estate, has seen remarkable growth in recent years. With its modern infrastructure and booming economy, Gurugram attracts businesses and residents alike. Trinity Infratech, a newcomer in the real estate sector, is gearing up to launch its first project in the city.

“Our first project, set to launch soon, will be situated along the Dwarka Expressway, one of Gurugram’s fastest-growing areas, with an estimated revenue of 4000 crores alone.

It is paramount in our DNA to ensure our operations run with the highest levels of financial prudence, which the company shall ensure by onboarding industry-leading talent with a professionally managed board of operations,” said senior management. This project aims to redefine luxury living with the introduction of open-living concepts that have only been seen in international markets such as Dubai and Switzerland.

This pioneering project will showcase innovative design elements and amenities that elevate the standard of living in Gurugram. From state-of-the-art architectural features to breathtaking skyline views, the development promises to offer residents a lifestyle experience on par with the most prestigious global destinations.
Leveraging its 32-acre land holdings, Trinity Infratech plans to create top-notch residential and commercial spaces that blend seamlessly into Gurugram’s urban fabric. The company’s focus is on delivering high-quality projects that meet the needs of modern lifestyles.

Looking ahead, Trinity Infratech has ambitious plans to launch two more projects this year, totalling an estimated top line of 10,000 crores across all three projects. These developments will cater to the diverse needs of homebuyers and investors, contributing to the city’s growth. The company plans on funding these projects through a well-balanced blend of financial institutions, banks, and internal accruals, all within a meticulously planned 12-month period, stated the management.

The imminent completion of Dwarka Expressway is expected to further boost Gurugram’s real estate market. This infrastructure project will improve connectivity and open up new opportunities for development along its route.

In summary, Trinity Infratech’s entry into Gurugram’s real estate market comes at an exciting time of growth and opportunity. With its focus on quality and innovation, the company is poised to make a significant impact on the city’s skyline, shaping the future of luxury living in Gurugram.

Source : TOI

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