With Covid-19 Transforming The Way We Live, Virus-safe Apartments Become The Buzzword

With Covid-19 Transforming The Way We Live, Virus-safe Apartments Become The Buzzword

The beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020 brought about an interesting shift in our perception of home spaces. India was one of the earliest countries to impose a nationwide lockdown and as people became homebound, the need for safer indoor environments became pertinent. With this, prospective home buyers started looking to move into self-sufficient societies where the health, safety, and wellness of the residents are at the top of the priority ladder. The preference is now tipping towards sprawling societies designed to keep residents safe from Covid-19. Whether it is through the presence of ample spaces to maintain social distancing, buildings with wide corridors and contactless pathways, functional recreational and wellness centres, or spacious apartments with dedicated study space for working from home, Covid-19 has completely transformed the definition of a good home.

Our home is our primary space of safety. In times of a global crisis, it should provide us with protection and comfort. Covid-safe or virus-safe homes have thus become a buzzword in the real estate sector with both home buyers and property developers paying attention to the changing trends. This need for coronavirus-safe housing resonates even further in a country like India where population density is one of the primary reasons for the surge in COVID-19 cases. A huge part of the Indian population stays in densely populated areas where social distancing is practically impossible while stepping out. In most cities, open spaces are a luxury and most apartments are small in size without balconies or access to greenery. Spaces like these are ineffective for quarantining and isolating. Outdoor spaces also fail to provide any respite in residential projects that are established in crowded areas with few public parks and no proper amenities. Thus, the pandemic takes a toll on both the mental and physical wellbeing of residents.

As we slowly adjust ourselves to the new post-Covid reality, it is pertinent that we look for home spaces that can keep us safe against the coronavirus and beyond. Thankfully, real estate developers are now focussing on developing projects that can allow us to live freely and safely amid the pandemic. Thoughtful of these changing needs is Raheja Developers, one of India’s finest real estate players. Keeping in mind post-Covid home buying sentiments, Raheja is now introducing us to evolved and coronavirus-safe residential projects that keep wellness and safety at the heart of its design. Its campaign ‘ Move Up In Life’ effectively encourages people to upgrade to bigger and safer homes. During a tumultuous period like this, providing the best of protection and security to our family is of paramount importance. This becomes a reality when we take the necessary steps towards upgrading to premium spaces that bring us the best of modern living.

Why Raheja Developers?

By uniting open spaces with the best of amenities and infrastructure for Covid-safe living, Raheja Developers has become one of the top choices among home buyers. Through its Move Up In Life campaign, it has introduced to us some of the finest integrated residential projects like Raheja Vanya, Leela Sky Villas, Riyasat Hills, Raheja Revanta, and Raheja Aranya City. Designed on international parameters, these residential projects come with all the features to amp up life and lifestyles for the better. At an unprecedented time like this when we cannot be sure when Covid-19 will completely end, home investments should cater to our safety and well-being. The wisest thing to do is to upgrade to bigger homes located in lower density neighbourhoods that come with intelligent breathable architecture. Raheja’s residential projects reflect this commitment to providing the best of open spaces to its residents while also bringing other luxuries like sky parks, sky decks, open gyms, sprawling views of the Aravali range and Delhi ridge. Living in an oxygen-rich space like this can benefit the mental and physical well-being of residents and aid in coping up with the pandemic better.

Top features of Raheja properties that make them virus-safe
Open Green outdoor spaces: Raheja residential properties are located in some of the best locations across Delhi-NCR, offering sprawling views of abundant greenery. In space-choked cities, this becomes extremely important, especially during a global pandemic when we are spending most of our time at home. Raheja’s Vanya project has a Solar, Open and Green vs Land ratio of almost over 100%. Most of the apartments are 3 side open. Many of its properties also open out to the Aravali range and Delhi ridge, thus enhancing life by connecting residents to nature, oxygen-rich environment where AQI is far better than other places in NCR.

Low-Density Neighborhood: One of the best things about its project, Leela Sky Villas is that it has only 120 units and 2 apartments per floor per lobby. Revanta is another property that is located in a sector where you don’t have many projects. It is comparatively less crowded if you look at other highly populated sectors. Riyasat hills are farmlands of 1 acre again a low-density project. Social distancing and spending quarantine period will not be an issue. Similarly, Vanya has a lesser number of units when compared to other projects in the area.

Huge, ventilated apartments: A fairly large, well-lit home can instantly boost positivity. During Covid times, it also provides enough avenues to isolate and quarantine if the need arises. Raheja properties have been designed keeping this in mind and are equipped with features like sky decks, sky parks, convertible rooms with convertible room sizes, spacious study areas to work from home efficiently, 13×13 floor-ceiling ratio, and many other features. Thus being at home is also an experience like no other.

The best of wellness and commercial amenities: 
Covid-19 has brought forward the need for self-sufficient apartment complexes that reduce the requirement of stepping out often. Raheja properties are making this easy by bringing to its residents state-of-the-art clubhouses featuring gyms, swimming pools, spa treatment rooms, mini theatres, library plus reading rooms, kids area etc. They also feature gaming arenas, activity centers like dance studios and guitar rooms, and commercial amenities like general stores, florists, salons, cafes etc. Leela Sky Villas has Delhi Mall adjacent to it.

High-end connectivity: All Raheja properties are located in prime locations across Delhi NCR. They have access to extensive strategic infrastructure, primary roads and highways, the airport, influential landmarks etc. Raheja’s locations are also a boon for parents as they can provide the luxury of open space to their kids without compromising on their academic needs. Many of the top schools in Delhi NCR are a stone’s throw from these properties.

With Raheja Developers fulfilling our dreams of staying in a spacious home amid nature, there’s no reason why we should not ‘ Move Up In Life.’ It’s time to invest in a home that can keep us safe and protected while also uplifting our mental wellbeing.
Source : TOI

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